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Do you want to increase your turnover by 35% , increase your overall customer experience and get your customers coming back more often?
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What are the advantages of having regular Magical Entertainment in a Restaurant?

Having specialised in business growth, customer return and retention in restaurants using regular close up magic for over 25 years I have been lucky enough to call some of the world’s best restaurant chains my clients along with top quality local and privately owned venues.

The aim is for the diners to see magic in between the courses while they are waiting for their next course or the bill; this has advantages for both the customer and the restaurant team. If an issue arises, which is sometimes the case with a working kitchen, for example food may be delayed due to a high number of orders being prepared at the same time. The magician can then visit the table in question, taking focus off of the delay and distracting the customer with entertainment. This means a much more enjoyable dining experience. Entertainment at the tables has, for many years, been proven to increase business and speed up customer returns and referrals.

  • Create an outstanding customer experience that makes people come back more regularly and rave about your restaurant to friends and family.
  • Create more foot fall during your down days and increase turnover – one of John’s clients reported a 35% increase in turnover on the performance days.
  • Gives you the edge over other local restaurants, giving you a unique offering over your competition.
  • Adds prestige having an award winning member of the magic circle who is a favourite of the Royal Family and a previous Hilton and Orient Express resident entertaining for your guests.
  • If you have a family friendly restaurant it promotes a family environment and gets the children asking to come back to your restaurant above others.
  • Free positive publicity through social media and trip advisor comments via John Danbury’s extensive network and unique way of creating a social buzz.
  • Free PR and advertising for the restaurant by John’s promotion of himself at public and private events and shows.
  • Waiting time passes faster for hungry customers and if the kitchen is backed up or there is a delay for any reason.
  • Increase in tips which are passed on to waiting staff and increase staff morale.
  • Entices people to book and spend their special events, birthdays or celebrations at your restaurant.
  • People will start calling to check if the magician is performing.
  • If magic performed at the bar it keeps clients here longer increasing wet sales.
Past & Present Residencies

The London Hilton, Park Lane

The Hilton Regents Park

Jarvis Hotel Regents Park

Manchester United Football Club

The Orient Express, Northern Belle

TGI Fridays Covent Garden

The Pitcher & Piano Covent Garden

The Pitcher & Piano Clapham

The Brasserie Wandsworth Common

The Mountbatten Hotel, Covent Garden

Pizza Express, Merton

The Revolution Bar, Electric Press, Leeds

The Cinnamon Lounge, Horbury Bridge

Ruby’s Lounge, Mirfield

Watch John perform a fun interactive Magic Trick on the video below.

What people say about John Danbury

  • Seriously good, Annoyingly good!
    HRH Prince William HRH Prince William
  • The World's Greatest Magician!
    Derek Thompson Derek Thompson Channel 4
  • Supersonic!
    Craig Brown Craig Brown The Sunday Telegraph
To Check availability CLICK HERE or contact John on - 07774 490 172

Close up Magic for Special Events

Member of The Magic Circle & Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star

Member of Equity - Means fully insured professional artist

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