Product Launch Magician

Are you looking to have the most successful and talked about product launch in your companies history? John Danbury can guarantee your product gets the most magical appearance on the worlds stage!

This is very specialised work and goes hand in hand with the Trade show or Exhibition world as there are only a handful of people who do this well and it can make all the difference to the success of the event or launch.

Imagine having a room full of consultants or press who have seen everything and are a little cynical to all new things. Then you need something extra special to make your product or service bed into their minds while not taking away from the thing itself. A professional magical speaker or presenter is key in making these things work. In today’s market you need the edge to make your launch THE launch.

The best workers in this area will once again work alongside you to help plan and execute the correct way to ensure maximum impact for the event. They will be able to sell your message or product through the power of the presentation and make it entertaining and informative.

The presenter will be able to either show and explain the product or service alone or alongside one of your knowledgeable sales team and the top presenters in this field offer a free consultation to get the basic ideas of what you need to achieve and help you maximise the impact of the launch.

The presenter should be immaculately dressed in the style of the business he is promoting and should appear to all outsiders to be one of your staff and as knowledgeable as they are. As with Trade Show work the magic should enhance the message or product features or reveal them in some memorable way and not overpower the product itself.

John Danbury is unique in this field as he will guarantee that you will make a lasting impression or he will tear up your cheque. The attendees will not only be entertained but they will be educated and informed about your service or product in an amazingly magical way. They will want to hear more and promote and write about the service or product in a favourable light as you will have sold them on the benefits in a very unique way.

John offers a completely free initial consultation to evaluate your needs and clarify what you need to get across at the launch, he will then script and design the presentation alongside you to guarantee that you get the correct message across and maximise the impact to make this the most successful launch you have ever had.


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What Clients say about John Danbury

  • Having completed the five major trade shows scheduled for Procter and Gamble last year I would like to take the opportunity, on behalf of FPP Design, to thank you for all your support. Your involvement from the early planning stages to the project right through to the actual performances at the shows has been both creative and totally professional. Your presence also ensured that at each venue we created maximum impact and a memorable show for visitors to the stand. I have no doubt that we will use your talents in the near future.
    Derry Green Derry Green FPP Design, Newcastle
  • John was very professional and reliable, understood exactly what we were trying to achieve, was very flexible and always enthusiastic.  John was involved in the creative process of the presentation almost from the start and came up with some great effects to fit in with the key messages we were trying to get across to the audience.  Considering he had to repeat the same performance approx 25 times he was brilliant!  And most importantly the audience loved him, even the cynics and non-believers were wowed! He enthused and excited the audience and helped Gail make her session the most memorable and popular of the conference.  From my personal point of view I have really valued his professionalism and flexibility.  More specifically by putting together the show at such short notice, being reliable and trustworthy.
    Sarah Garner Sarah Garner JB Communications for Estee Lauder
  • John was asked to perform card tricks on our James Bond Casino Royale themed exhibition stand. I have nothing but praise for John, his tricks left the audience in jaw dropped amazement. He executed his brief to perfection, from the way he dressed to how he promoted our products whilst performing. We have already booked John for our next corporate event!
    Alan Sheridan Alan Sheridan Octanorm UK
To Check availability CLICK HERE or contact John on - 07774 490 172

Member of The Magic Circle & Associate Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star

Member of Equity - Means fully insured professional artist